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Hello, my name is Wynn. I love everything zakka and patchwork. I'm very happy to share my sewing in this blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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April 26, 2010


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Interesting method, Ive never thought of not doing it with backing before. Looks great though!!! I machine quilt, one day Ill have a go at hand quilting.


Greetings Wynn, Im Ravelly1 from America....Ive just found your blog and love with I see. Great tutorial. Take care.


Thanks for your tutorial on this hand sewing quilting method. Hope to see more of your sharing.


oh wow! This looks like so much fun and I love the fabrics youre using! I think I should give this a try one day when I have enough fabric (: Thanks for creating a tutorial Wynn (: hehe I am excited to try to make one :DHow much fabric do you typically end up using to make a small quilt?


thanks everyone! @highwaycottage: i have never machine quilt before coz my machine is too light to handle the big quilt. It feels like falling apart once I start quilting!@sherry: i use about a yard or more for a small quilt like this. pls try when you have the time!^_^

True Blue Nana

I am working on my second hand quilting project. I dont use a hoop either. I have recently changed needles and I love the one I am using now. I followed Tonyas tutorial. I think you can find it at


This is the seaming method I use when piecing quilt tops and some seams when hand sewing historical garments. Its quite a sturdy seam when coupled with a seam finish (French seam, flat felled, etc) on clothing.


This is certainly a different method. Id be interested to see how your stitches look on the back. Any chance of showing us? Thanks


Thank you for your tutorial. I understood everything of what you said! (yeah, I usually get lost somewhere in the midst of tutorials...)thank you for sharing your method and doing it so clearly!nice to meet you!Kimmiemama to 8one homemade and 7 adopted


wynn - very interesting tutorial. i am going to try it out. it sounds like you end with just a back stitch, no knot?


Your method is how I hand quilt also, though Ive never backstitched. Ill have to try that. Maybe my stitches will be as even as yours someday!


Love your method! Ive been dragging my feet about buying a quilting frame or hoop, so Im going to try it your way with the baby blankets Im making! :-) Thanks for the inspiration!


Ive always wanted to learn how to hand quilt. Thank you for explaining your method so well through this tutorial! It makes me want to try it.


Hi Wynn, thank you for your tutorial. Im trying to find out as much information as I can on quilting because I would like to try quilting (by hand)

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