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Hello, my name is Wynn. I love everything zakka and patchwork. I'm very happy to share my sewing in this blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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November 13, 2013


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This is beautiful! What a treasure!


So lovely result!!!


it's beautiful, Wynn!


Considering you had to learn to make granny squares before starting the project, I think a year is not so long. I remember how long it took me to learn to crochet comfortably and read patterns. I commend you for your perseverance. The blanket is beautiful and does not look like a first project.

Dee Wrona

Any way I can get in depth instructions and pattern? I can do basic stitches, but basically have no idea what I'm doing. I bought some various colors of yarn off a lady that was moving, but none of them are enough to do anything individually with. This might be a good use for them. Thank you.


Lovely blanket!


i came across your text. and I must say that I find the tutorial pretty educational. Even though, I think that that does not much so exactly help the manner with which it so helps the points outlinedhowever partially i can process their perspective So I'm happy it works as such. Regards..


I falls love the colors of this blanket! It is a beautiful work!

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